Teaching in Further and Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities
CERD students

Teaching in Further and Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities

An evening of talk and debate for further and higher educators in Lincolnshire

March 14, 2012
5:00-7:30 p.m.
The Lincoln Drill Hall

Critical dialogue is essential to learning, teaching and research. We know that there are things to talk about – a fantastic amount of effective, inspiring and transformative teaching going on in colleges and universities across the region. We also know that educators working in further and education often have little time or space within their institutions to share experiences, build intellectual and political affinities, or explore their own academic practices together.

Teaching in Further and Higher Education offers an informal time and space to talk about education. As government encourages colleges and universities to compete with one another for students, money and prestige, we invite educators from across institutions to come together in professional society to strengthen the good work that is being done. As we are pressed to compete with one another as individuals through abstract criteria of excellence and value, we hope to encourage the collaboration and collegiality that make it possible to experiment with new ideas and practices. As everyday conversations about education become oriented ever further towards instrumental and managerial priorities, we invite teachers and students of teaching to think and talk about the things that really matter for our students and society. And in a climate where teachers’ critical questions are increasingly silenced by bureaucratic power or concerns about economic inefficiency, we invite critique and play.

This event is organised jointly by the University of Lincoln’s Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD) and Bishop Grosseteste University College’s Centre for Educational Development and Research (CEDaR), as part of the Lincoln Festival of Teaching and Learning.

The evening is free to attend, but places are limited, so please register on the website here.

For further information, contact Dr. Sarah Amsler at samsler@lincoln.ac.uk.

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