Don't come to this session!
Lincoln Cathedral

Don't come to this session!

Don’t come to this session!

Actually, do. Or don’t. Please yourself.

A talk with Dr. Julian Beckton

October 30, 2012
1:00–2:00 p.m.
Main Building 1012

Universities are now obliged to monitor the attendance of students who are studying in the UK on what is called a Tier 4 visa. This raises interesting questions about student attendance at university. What is ‘attendance’ anyway, particularly in an increasingly virtual world? Should it be monitored? If so, should monitoring apply to some groups and not others? What are the likely consequences of such selective monitoring? What do students think? If monitoring is done, how should it be undertaken? If not, are there other things that universities can do to encourage student engagement?

This talk is part of the Thinking Aloud lunchtime seminar series, hosted by the UL Centre for Educational Research and Development. For more information or to participate, contact Dr. Sarah Amsler at samsler@lincoln.ac.uk.


The slides and speaker notes that Julian used in the session can be found here. http://bit.ly/WSS0ki

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