‘Criticality, pedagogy and promises of radical democracy’

‘Criticality, pedagogy and promises of radical democracy’

‘Criticality, pedagogy and promises of radical democracy’*

Dr. Sarah Amsler
Centre for Educational Research and Development (UL)

November 20, 2012
1:00–2:00 p.m.

What can critical education contribute to the defence and creation of democracy in ‘post-democratic’ societies? This talk argues that a range of traditions in pedagogy and educational practice have much to offer radical democratic projects, and vice versa. It also suggests that this makes sense only if we conceptualize critical pedagogy as a living historical project, and in the broadest sense a way of life, rather than simply as an academic discipline or methodology for teaching and learning. The talk will thus introduce two theoretical paradigms of ‘criticality’ in the critical-pedagogical tradition and consider how they shape conceptions of democratic possibility. It will also examine the more specific work of pedagogies of discomfort and dissensus, emergence, sociality, desire and hope in struggles to democratise social life, and raise questions about the meaning of critical higher education in these contexts.

* This talk replaces an earlier proposal, ‘Teaching as possibility: the critical educational project today’, which will be organised during the Spring term.

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