Doctoral seminar: 'Practices'
CERD students

Doctoral seminar: 'Practices'

CERD Doctoral Seminar Series

27/2, 10:00-12:00
Please prepare for the seminar by reading the common text and one other that speaks to your research or piques your curiosity. If you have other readings that you have found useful for thinking about your own research practice and that will diversify our perspectives, please send references so that we can recommend them to the group.

For a full list of readings, see here.

Questions to consider

What does it mean to ‘conduct’ research, and what is the conduct of social research? Who gets to decide what constitutes research, and who judges its quality and significance? How do you theorise the relationship between research and other kinds of practice, if you distinguish them at all? How do you explain the relationship between theory and practice in your current research?

Questions added after first week’s discussion, focusing on ‘method’:

What is the function of ‘method’ in research – and how does this vary according to assumptions about the nature and purpose of knowledge and researchers? What is the role of theory in the design of an inquiry, and vice-versa? How do you connect your theoretical and methodological work, and how do you know that these connections are justified? Do certain theoretical positions give rise to, or conversely prevent the use of, different methods for producing new knowledge? Do different methodological approaches to research give rise to, or conversely limit possibilities for, different kinds of practice and practical application?



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