CERD Doctoral Seminar: ‘Difference, in/equality, anti/oppression’

CERD Doctoral Seminar: ‘Difference, in/equality, anti/oppression’

CERD Doctoral Seminar Series

‘Difference, in/equality, anti/oppression’ 
27/3, 10:00-12:00

Please prepare for the seminar by reading the common text and at least one other that speaks to your research or piques your curiosity. If you have other readings that you have found useful for thinking about your own research practice and that will diversify our perspectives, please send references so that we can recommend them to the group.

Questions for thinking with

What conceptual (or non-conceptual) frameworks and tools do you use for making sense of experiences of difference and problems of inequality and oppression in your research? What are the implications of either foregrounding or bracketing social justice concerns? How do you respond to encounters with prejudice and othering, inequality, or oppression ‘in the field’, in the university, amongst those participating in our research, within yourself? What are the challenges of conducting critical and transformative research in unequal, closed, and/or oppressive environments?

Common text

de Lissovoy, Noah (2008) ‘Conceptualizing oppression in educational theory: toward a compound standpoint’, Cultural Studies ó Critical Methodologies, 8: 82–104.

Mirza, H. S. and Joseph, C. (eds) (2010) Introduction to special issue on ‘Black and Postcolonial Feminisms in New Times: Researching Educational Inequalities’, Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Religion, 1. Online at: http://www.raceandreligion.com/JRER/Book_Reviews_files/Mirza%20review.pdf.  [This is the introduction to a special journal issue, which does not treat arguments in depth but introduces some ‘keywords’ that are useful for thinking with.]

For a full list of readings, see here.

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