Doctoral seminar: ‘Bridges, Encounters and Transgressions’
CERD students

Doctoral seminar: ‘Bridges, Encounters and Transgressions’

CERD Doctoral Seminar Series

‘Bridges, encounters and transgressions’
10/4, 10:00-12:00

Please prepare for the seminar by reading thcommon text and at least one other that speaks to your research or piques your curiosity. If you have other readings that you have found useful for thinking about your own research practice and that will diversify our perspectives, please send references so that we can recommend them to the group.

Questions for thinking with

To what extent is doctoral research as much about building bridges, inviting encounters and braving transgressions as it is about finding something out? Should bridging, encountering and transgressing be regarded as essential skills for critical social research? What significance do these activities have for methodology and theorisation; for practice? What sorts of things can we do to help us make linkages between different cultures and contexts of education, if we are working in different ones? What is the value of cross-cultural comparison in educational research, and how can it be done well? How much are doctoral students able to bridge or transgress the boundaries of literature, theoretical framework, epistemologies, borders?

Common text

Kenway, Jane E. (2012) ‘Commentary: Cultivating a defiant global research imagination in international education’, Canadian and International Education / Education canadienne et international, 41(3), Article 7, available at: http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/cie-eci/vol41/iss3/7.

For a full list of readings, see here.


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