Education Book Club (30 May, 4:30pm)
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Education Book Club (30 May, 4:30pm)

The next meeting of the Education Book Club will be held on May 30th from 4:30–6:30pm and is being hosted this month by colleagues at Bishop Grosseteste University. Please email Sarah Amsler (samsler@lincoln.ac.uk) for copies of readings and directions to the venue. All welcome!

The Education Book Club is an open, monthly forum for all those interested in educational research to engage with key theories, debates and issues through discussions of texts. It’s also a chance to relax and end each month with intellectual stimulating encounters with others working in your field. Each month, a member or group of members of the club will choose a book or set of readings and facilitate discussion.

The readings for the May 30th gathering are:

Alan Bleakley (2000) ‘Writing with invisible ink: narrative, confessionalism and reflective practice’, Reflective Practice: International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives, 1(1), 11-24.

Michelle Forrest, Terrah Keener & Mary Jane Harkins (2010) ‘Understanding narrative relations in teacher education’, Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 38(2), 87-101.

Ann Phoenix (2014) ‘Reframing relevance: narratives of temporality and methodological turning points in research on families and gender’, International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 17(2), 105-119

If you have difficult accessing these articles, please contact Sarah at the above address for assistance.

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